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To my fans,

     My name is Jorvy Mammen. I started my passion in photography when I was handed my first camera by my dad around the age of 12.  It was that moment that sparked my interest in capturing the world around me-the wonderful world that God had created!  God to me was not to be found at a church, but in nature itself. The beauty of  the wonderful images around me showed me that God existed among us, and I was just documenting His creation. My genre slowly evolved from taking predominantly nature pictures to portraits, graduation, engagements, weddings, babies, and various events I have been called upon to do. To this day, I have enjoyed every shutter click, apterture turn, and ISO balance that photography has brought to my life. Hope you enjoy my pictures as much as I love producing them.

P.S You can follow me also on facebook, and instagram.

Your Life...Your Moments...Your Photographer

                  ~ JPHOTOINC

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